Posted by: lrrp | October 25, 2004

Stone inscriptions neglected by by N. Wimalasiri

The stone inscription, which is known as ‘Madawala Sellipiya‘ close to the Madawala Bazaar in the Dumbara Valley, has been totally neglected due to the inefficiency of relevant authorities.

It is believed to be about 600 years old.

According to the book “Peramaga Salakuna,” this stone inscription was set up during the 15th century A.D. by a minister named ‘Jothi‘ during the reign of King Parakramabahu (VI).

Once, King Parakramabahu (VI) had chosen this place as a resting place during one of his journeys to Polonnaruwa.

During his stay the king had not only obtained rice and other grain as food, but also recruited soldiers for his army and as a gratitude the king had donated land, according to the cultural officer of Pathadumbara.

This land is now covered by thick jungle and some people have tried to destroy this rock using dynamite.

Although the Department of Archaeology has set up some name boards, they have not taken any action so far to protect the place.

Some persons have encroached and constructed fences claiming the ownership of this land, residents said.

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