Posted by: lrrp | November 8, 2004

National Patriotic Movement volunteers to assist in conserving ancient Abhayagiri Dagoba by Athula Bandara

The National Patriotic Movement (Desha Hithaishi Vyaparaya) has volunteered to assist in the conservation of the ancient Abhayagiri Dagoba, a project undertaken by the Central Cultural Fund.

A shramadana campaign organised by the National Patriotic Movement was conducted throughout Wednesday.

A large number of activists including Venerable Elle Gunawansa Thera, Dr. Gunadasa Samarasekera, Cyril Wickremage, Piyal Parakrama, lecturer Sena Nanayakkara and N. Karunaratne participated in the shramadana campaign together with more than one hundred trainees from the Lakwiru Sevana disabled war heroes vocational training centre.

They assisted the employees of the Central Cultural Fund and the youth of the National Youth Services Council who are engaged in the Abhayagiriya conservation project.

In addition to the shramadana campaign, a health clinic was also held by the National Patriotic Movement in which free treatment was afforded to a large number of persons, including the employees at the project. At the inauguration of the shramadana campaign Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thera said that every one should contribute to the preservation of Abhayagiri Dagoba as it is a need of the day.

The Thera appealed to the devotees who come to Abhayagiriya to bring clay from ant hills and tile powder, as much as possible because according to the officers of the project they are required for the preservation work of the Abhayagiri Dagoba.

The Thera added that the new Minister of Cultural Affairs intends to complete the project within two years and the National Patriotic Movement has decided to make contributions whenever possible.


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