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The Terrible Tribunal of the East

The Portuguese Christians who had forcefully converted the Goan Hindus to their fold could not tolerate that the converted Hindus still secretly follow Hindu customs and rites in their homes and also worship the Hindu Gods in their homes.

The Christians established the Terrible Tribunal of the East known as “holy inquisition of Goa “ to try and punish the heretics and the Hindus with horrible torture methods. The complete power of punishment and torture was in the hands of the Christians who headed the Inquisition Institute and the viceroy of Goa who was the representative in India for the cultist king of Portuguese had not to interfere in the processes of torturing and punishment carried out by the Christian priests.

The Hindus were taken prisoners on the accusation that they obstruct conversion to Christianity, the Hindus were also tried and tortured in the same way as those forcefully converted Hindus.

The Christians will accuse the Hindu converts that he is still following the Hindu rites and worships Hindu Gods and will ask them to say “YES’ or “NO”. In case of NO they will investigate further and in the case of YES they will order to take him to the chamber of torture.

Two Inquisitors and one notary were remaining in presence before the start of the torture and the notary who used to keep records of the torture process would declare after the accused was tied up for the torture that in the course of the torture if the accused died, broke the limb or lost the senses, the responsibility would be his as he voluntarily exposed himself to the risk, which he could avoid by confessing his guilt.

There were many methods of tortures:

1. The torture of POLE:

In this method the accused person’s hands were tied to his back, and then with a cord around his wrists, he was hoisted from the floor with the weights tied to his feet to the vertically fixed pole and kept him suspended as long as desired and in between letting him fall above the short ground distance with a big jerk. This process was repeated with adding increasing weights to his feet until he confessed.

2. The WATER (potro) torture:

The water torture was more complicated. The accused was placed on potro, a kind of trestle, with sharp edged rungs across it like a ladder. It slanted so that the head was lower than the feet and at the lower end was a depression in which the head sank, while an iron band around the throat kept it immovable. Sharp cords which cut into the flesh, attached to arms and legs to the side of the trestle twisted around like a tourniquet till the cords cut more and more into the flesh, were twined around the upper and lower arms, the thighs and calves; a iron prong distended the mouth, a strip of linen was thrust down the throat to conduct water trickling slowly from a jar. The person strangled and gasped and suffocated and at interval the strip from the mouth was taken out and he was asked to tell the truth. This torture was measured by number of water jars used to drip in the mouth, maximum being six to eight jars.

3. Torture of sitting on hot ovens:

The accused were forced to sit on the hot fired ovens till they confessed.

4. Other Forms of tortures used by the Christians in different places, such as France, Portugal and Spain:

Besides the ordinary rack, thumb-screws and leg-crushers or Spanish boots, there were spiked wheels over which the victims were drawn with weights on their legs.

Burning sulphur dropped on their bodies and lighted candles held beneath their armpits.

At Bamberg, they were fed with salt fish and allowed no water and then bathed in scalding water and quicklime.

At Lindheim, they were fixed to a revolving table and whirled round till they vomited and became unconscious.

At Neisse, they were fastened naked in a chair with 150 finger-long spikes in it and kept there for hours.

And so effective were these torture methods that nine out of ten persons preferred to die rather than to undergo repetition of tortures.

4. Goa, Portugal, France and Spain were the four places where the Christian terrorists carried out the horrible torture processes on the innocent humans who refused to follow the Christian cult. The worst kinds of torture processes were in Goa and Portugal by the Portuguese cultists.

“ During the month of November and December, I every morning heard the cries of those whom the torture was administered, and which was inflicted so severely, that I have seen many persons of both sexes who have been crippled by it, and amongst others, the first companion allotted to me in my person. “ – Dellon’s Account

Dellon was also a Inquisition prisoner who was accused for three counts and one count was that he spoke about the christian cross that it is a piece of ivory

Dellon who suffered heavily in the Goa Inquisition torture and who has personally observed severe tortures in Goa had later wrote down his observations in the book known as DELLON’S Report.

“As to the torture itself it combined all that the ferocity of savages and the ingenuity of civilized man had till then invented.” – E. T. Whittington

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