Posted by: lrrp | June 24, 2007

Historic caves discovered at excavations for housing

The archaeological remains of a historic rock cave that emerged during excavations for a housing complex at Gurugoda in Horana on Horana Ratnapura road are likely to be destroyed if the Department of Archaeology fails to take prompt action to conserve the site.

The building contractors are continuing excavations without any concern for the archaeological importance of the site . A senior official of Horana Urban Council who inspected the area was of opinion that the cave and the tunnel is of historical importance and that the Archaeological Department must take steps to prevent further excavations by the building contractors and to initiate research. He said the building site is within the Horana Pradeshiya Sabha limits and that the UC is not in a position to take any step.

The officials of the housing complex whorefused to provide any information on the site said that it is not of any historical importance.

The workers of the building site said the cave which is about 15 feet long emerged when the nearby rock was cleared to construct a park for the housing complex and that it could be longer and covered with earth. .

The Chairman of Horana Pradeshiya Sabha said that he ordered the officials of the housing complex not to cause any damage to the tunnel. It is in a protected area. A teacher of a leading school in Horana said there was evidence that Horana, Ratnapura and Balangoda areas were the seat of a pre historic civilisation and that the researchers should pay attention on the rock cave found in the proposed building site. Meanwhile the residents of the area said the officials and the relevant authorities have left the historic site to the mercy of the building contractors who are motivated only by clearing the site for the housing complex. They requested the Archaeological Department take to immediate steps to take over the site and initiate researches.


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