Posted by: lrrp | July 17, 2007

Ven. Medhananda thero tells Thoppigala area was the birthplace of Suranimala and that many national treasures are buried there.

Archeologist Venerable Ellawela Medhananda, rejected the notion expressed by United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremesinghe that Thoppigala, just captured from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is simply an insignificant jungle and said it is an area buried with archeological treasures very significant to Sri Lanka’s history including the birthplace of Suranimala, an ancient war hero who helped to liberate Sri Lanka from foreign yoke during the Anuradhapura civilization.

He said according to some of his own research one of the mountainous regions called Nelugala, close to Thoppigala in the area just taken over from the Tamil Tigers, has been identified as the birthplace of the ancient war hero Suranimala , whose heroic military efforts are vividly described in the epic historical chronicle called Maha Vamsa or Great Chronicle. The chronicle records historical chronology of the island nation from the 6th century BC to the 4th century AC.

Suranimala was a General of King Dutugemunu who reigned from 161 BC to 137 BC renowned for defeating the usurping King Elara of India who reigned in Anuradhapura. Suranimala was among the most important warriors in the ancient war expedition to Anuradhapura from Ruhuna and the others were Nandimithra, Mahasona,Theraputtabhaya, Gotaimbara, Gotabhaya, Bharana, Vasabha, Velusumana and Pussadeva.

Archeologist Venerable Medhananda said, an ancient stone inscription found in Nelugala reveals that the village in Nelugala called Kottiwela settlement was the birthplace of Suranimala.

He said according to his research he has identified 114 abandoned ancient irrigation tanks in the area and only one has been restored so far. He said the only tank restored was built during erecting a dam across Maduru Oya which is able to supply water to 10,000 acres of farmland.

He said the ancient irrigation works in the area prove it was a granary of ancient Sri Lanka and it is not an insignificant jungle as some politicians attempted to indicate.

He said surrounding Thoppigala there are Motagala, Nelugala, Wesibendagala, Atubendagala and Keviligala and all are connected with Sri Lanka’s ancient civilization.

Venerable Ellawela Medhananda said there are very many ancient religious monuments still to be excavated in the area and people shouldn’t simply say that Thoppigala area is an insignificant jungle.
Venerable Ellawela Medhananda said this in an obvious reference to UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe who told a UNP propaganda meeting in Galle that the army has captured an insignificant jungle.

Venerable Medhananda said apart from the significance of the area as a strategic place to provide security to the Eastern Province it is definitely an important area where very many national treasures are still buried of our national heritage.

Some Archaeological remains at Thoppigala forest.Unfortunately some sites have been vandalized by Tamil tigers terrorists as seen below.

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