Posted by: lrrp | October 4, 2013

Gamini-Thissa Monastery complex in Mottagala

Gamini-Thissa monastery complex in Mottagala was built in the third century BC by a provincial ruler Upathara Naga Naga, a royal member of the tenfold dynasty in East Sri Lanka.

According to archeologists, the Gamini-Thissa Monastery built in the third century BC had developed into an immense monastery complex surrounding the Sagama tank. The inscriptions found at site had been recorded by the prominent archeologist Senarath Paranavithana himself. The most important inscription of all is the rock inscription on Mottayakallu rock written in pre-Brahmin letters.
The inscription speaks of a ruler named Upathara Naga Naga, who is a member of the Tenfold Royals of East establishing the monastery for the Sanga of past, present and future, who were present and not present at the occasion.

Meanwhile the monastery grounds still contain ruins of smaller stupas, stone pillars and foundations of ancient constructions, stone inscription of pre-Brahmin era and a well dug into the rock plateau, which is an eternal source of water.

How To Get There:
Colombo – Ampara – Akkaraipattu Road (26 Km)–Akkaraipattu Town – Turn Right — Saagama Road (8 Km)—Turn Right – Go along the stream (1 Km) – Turn Right from the stream – Go along paddy field – Mottagala (338 Km-6 hours )

Near By Attractions:�Bandaraduwa, Gonagolla Monastery ,Madana Kanda Monastery of Uhana

A third century BC monastery under threats of destruction

Activities : Pilgrimage, archeology, sightseeing and photography


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