Posted by: lrrp | December 23, 2014

Kuragala Buddhist Monastery

Stranger times

kuru2A two thousand yearlong recorded history and a few millennia old legendary caves of Kuragala are fast fading into history due to the sheer negligence of law enforcing and archeological authorities of Sri Lanka.

The Kuragala cave monastery situated nearly twenty km off Balangoda on the Kalthota road had been built on the second century BC covering a series of rock outcrops with nearly 40 large caves. Known as the Thandulayia Pabbatha’ in ancient times, the monastery was first built by two princely brothers and it had evolved into a Buddhist temple and monastery system in the 16th Century AC.

Each cave capable of housing nearly 50 meditating monks had been drip ledged, plastered and divided into smaller chambers and had contained one of the oldest cave inscriptions in the country, detailing the donations and details of maintenance.


However the most spectacular cave in the monastery could only be reached…

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