Posted by: lrrp | December 24, 2014

Explorations in Sri Lankan Archaeology with Raj Somadeva PART 2

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Darshanie Ratnawalli, being the second part of an interview with Professor Raj Somadeva published in  The Nation (print edition here) on Sunday, 16th November 2014

6Somadeva and team in Ranchamadama.

Professor Raj Somadeva, PhD (Uppsala), Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology, Sri Lanka spoke to Darshanie Ratnawalli on a variety of topics, assiduously tackling all questions both verbally and in a 2400 word answer script, and modestly dismissing all thanks, citing his obligation to answer to the public. Here are excerpts from the interview continuing from last week.

DR: You believe in giving weight to the internal dynamic when interpreting findings?

RS: Yes. We separated from the Indian mainland 7000 years ago. We developed as an island. The main characteristic of an island civilization is the insularity. We got capabilities of developing some things on our own. We had a series of external influences, but the internal dynamic…

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