Posted by: lrrp | December 24, 2014

Explorations in Sri Lankan Archaeology with Raj Somadeva PART 3

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Darshanie Ratnawalli, being the third part of an interview with Professor Raj Somadeva published in  The Nation (print edition here) on Sunday, 23rd November 2014

6Somadeva and team at the site of the ‘yaksha’ inscription, a cave in Tamketiya, Nailgala, Kaltota.

The last part of the interview of Professor Raj Somadeva with Darshanie Ratnawalli continued from last week.

DR: To which period do you assign your ‘yaksha’ inscription?

RS: Frequently we used to ascribe the inscriptions written in early form (angular style) of the Brahmi letters found in Sri Lanka to 250 BCE which is contemporaneous with the reign of Emperor Ashoka in India.  In that conventional sense, our present inscription could also be ascribed to that date. But the thinking on the antiquity of the Brahmi script has now been gradually changing. I would like to quote a very particular case in this regard. Dr. Siran…

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