Posted by: lrrp | February 9, 2015

Pallan-Hela Mountain, a mountain fortress with a scenic view

Stranger times


Pallan Hela, a 1065 feet tall mountain standing tall over the Gal Oya basin is alleged to be a fortress of King Saddatissa, the brother of Dutugamunu the Great and the provincial king of East, in the days gone by while some holds it to be a forest hermitage sheltering the meditating monks.

Standing tall over the Wickramasheelaramaya, a temple at Devalahinda the path towards the top of the mountain falls through the temple and permission should be sought prior to the climb. Scattered around the present temple are the ruins of a temple of yesteryear, maybe a temple belonging to the hermitage, which once flourished atop the Pallan Hela.

11-perfectly-framedToday, a small stupa stands on the ruins of a much larger stupa, the work of the ancients while the perimeters around the olden Bo-Tree too is scattered with more ruins while steps carved onto the rock leads the way…

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