Posted by: lrrp | May 17, 2015

Meditations: The Ascetic Buddhist Path at Serene Kudumbigala Rock Monsatery

Thuppahi's Blog

Here atop the Kudumbigala Rock experience first hand the ascetic’s tranquil way of life. Wrapped in an atmosphere of calm, Buddhist monks, who have renounced even the austere comforts of the village temple, lead an isolated existence absorbed in mediation, seeking the all elusive inner peace. They follow in the steps of their religious brethren who continuously made this rocky habitat their forest hermitage for over two thousand years.  Cloistered from external distractions, ensconced amidst rocks and trees and balmed by a soothing breeze they strive to attain Nirvana, which Buddhists hold as the spiritual kingdom where freedom of the mind reigns supreme.

Leave behind your emotional baggage, conditioned thoughts, prejudices and perceived notions at the foot of this rock, steeped in history. And begin to take the first step on a pilgrim’s progress to explore the serenity of an entirely different world.  The long and winding path to the…

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